The following is just a highlight of what you get as a Premium member.
Get a monthly coaching session developed by our resident business development consultant, Bayo Adelaja. Her program will help you build a better business.

This is a very brief overview of her 4-sided program. Get more details here.


Let’s map out a plan for your brand development and add in some communication strategies while we’re at it.

Idea Work

Get your hands on effective strategies to help you focus on your winning idea and develop it into a healthy, profitable business.


Build a marketing strategy that is based on a clear definition of your market position and some awesome customer acquisition strategies.


Embrace the fundraising challenge. Let’s figure out where you are and how we can get you to where you need to be, step-by-step.

PLUS … join Bayo each week during office hours.

You’ll have even more access to our business development consultant, Bayo Adelaja, for 2 hours every week where she will be answering any questions you have, strategic, technical, wild or tame. That’s another 8 hours every month in addition to your monthly coaching session! You will be sure to get all the advice and support you need as well as a sound voice to help you trouble-shoot those difficult issues.

PLUS … join in on our private conversations in the Premium only group!

Becoming a premium member is like joining a fraternity of awesome entrepreneurs who are as passionate about Africa as you are. Premium groups are a great way to get feedback for your ideas, find collaborators, learn about new offers and promotions as well as find new friends. Entrepreneurship can be a rollercoaster ride, so let’s grow together, support each other, celebrate and commiserate together. Plus, Bayo is the Premium group co-moderator. Imagine having access to Bayo’s personal business study guide, and you’ll be pretty close! As the group co-moderator, it is her job to suggest all the best ideas, articles, videos and tools she has come across during the week. Forget scouring the internet and library and trying to figure out what works, Bayo has got that covered.

PLUS… get an exclusive invite to our monthly webinar

If you’re not much of a reader, grab a cup of tea, your laptop and a notepad as Bayo talks you through some of the key issues she has been working through with entrepreneurs as well as the latest business development strategies to put into action. Go Premium for just £49.99!I'm Ready To Get Started. Give Me My Access Now!

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Have a look at our detailed breakdown of our coaching program right here.

Learn more about our head coach, Bayo Adelaja, here.

The Branding Session is Bayo’s research based one-on-one program for entrepreneurs who have an idea, service or product that they are ready to put to market.

This 45 minute session guides you through Bayo’s must-haves for building a strong brand. Its these must-haves that have gotten Bayo the awards, press and recognition that her brand has today. It is also because of these must-haves that she is a trusted consultant when powerful people are having conversations about African entrepreneurship.

Before the session you will be required to fill in a detailed questionnaire that will help Bayo assess your current brand position, your brand vision and your brand goals. By the end of the session you will have a clear and detailed plan for your brand development as well as a sensible timeline to make it happen.

Are you ready to create a better brand?


As you can imagine, Bayo could have chosen any 4 topics to focus on in these sessions. So, why marketing? According to Bayo, based on her experience with entrepreneurs, marketing is the most misunderstood business development tool, bar none.

Having said that, Bayo’s definition of marketing is entirely in relation to market placement. She works with entrepreneurs to define, understand and develop a customer acquisition strategy that responds effectively to the market placement of the business in question. This application of marketing has helped Bayo in the past as she not only developed her own businesses, but the businesses of her clients.

The pre-session questionnaire will help your coach evaluate your market placement, and during the action-packed session, the program will help you better define and understand your market placement so that you can develop a customer acquisition strategy that works!

By the end of the session you will have a clearer view of your competition, their strategies and what your customers expect from you as a business in your chosen field. Are you ready to get more customers?


In the early days of her entrepreneurship journey, Bayo had trouble focusing on one idea at a time. In fact, she had so much trouble she came up with a fool-proof way to get rid of bad ideas and develop great ones instead.

Over the years, Bayo has tweaked and re-worked her idea development method, and now she is sharing it with people who share her passion for Africa. If you are interested in developing a business idea, then you are in the right place.

Having worked with over 1000 entrepreneurs, Bayo firmly believes that “entrepreneurs are not born, they are made”. To her, entrepreneurship is a “logical and courageous response” to a problem that affects you or the people you care about.

Bayo will share great tactics to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing and help you turn your formless idea into a real-life business proposition.

Are you ready to take the next step in your entrepreneurship journey?


The Fundraising Session is Bayo’s most sought after session because this field is the one in which she gained the most notoriety. However, she would quickly add that the notoriety would never have come if she had not mastered the other three areas of her expertise. This session is for people who have built a business, and are ready to take it to the next level.

As an experienced fundraising consultant, Bayo has helped over 150 entrepreneurs better understand their position and challenges in terms of investment readiness. If you have a vision for your business that you cannot reach without an influx of cash, this fundraising session is the perfect next step for your business.

After receiving your pre-session questionnaire and assessing your investment readiness potential, in the session, your coach will walk you through your fundraising options which include crowdfunding, angel investment, accelerators, boot-strapping and venture capitalists.

No business is the same and Bayo has worked with enough entrepreneurs to have gained a wealth of information that will be invaluable to you. Are you ready to explore your fundraising options?


There’s no catch…

We know there are so many things out there, so it is not always easy to know which is for real, especially when so many things are crazy cheap or free or have massive hidden charges that you are suddenly obligated to pay for eternity. This is not like that. We’re asking for a one-off payment of £49.99 for one year of Premium membership, and that’s all you’ll be charged for your first year. If you choose to stay with us after your first year is up, then the price of the premium increases to £599.99 per year. You don’t have to stay you can leave at any time and you will not be charged in the future at all.You may be thinking, ``if there's no catch, why are they doing this?``Well, there are a few key reasons we’ve chosen to dedicate ourselves to you.1. We know how hard entrepreneurship can be. If something like this existed when we started out, we would have jumped at it. 2. We genuinely care about African entrepreneurship. We’ve been known to host a party whenever one of our clients get the funding or sees a massive profit boost. We know how much work and sacrifice they put into their business and to see them succeed makes us feel like extremely proud parents!3. Nothing is cheap. Almost everything feels like it costs an arm and a leg when you are first starting out on your entrepreneurship journey. We don’t want you trapped in an expensive monthly contract or out thousands upon thousands for generic information. That’s why we’ve made the one-on-one consultations the backbone of our premium membership. We designed it to be highly affordable and extremely effective. Basically, what we’ve got here is a no brainer. When you sign up, we’ll get you to the next step of your business. 4. We want you to learn from our mistakes. We’ve been there, we’ve spent thousands of pounds on something we learned to do for ourselves only 6 months later. We didn’t have anyone to tell us what articles to read, which services to avoid or anything. We were like three blind mice stumbling in the dark. No more. You don’t have to go through what we went through. We’ll make sure of that!

Time is of the essence.

We dedicate time, energy and support to each and every member of our premium community. To us, its really important that you start your journey with us well and you are supported and encouraged throughout your journey with us. For this reason, we’re only able to fully induct a few new members each month. Quality is so much more important than quantity. Although we want as many of you as possible to have access to our Premium offering, we have to make sure every member of the Premium group is getting our very best 🙂If this page is still up, that means we’ve still got some places available. That might not be the case tomorrow. Go Premium for just £49.99!I'm Ready To Get Started. Give Me My Access Now!

Our promise to you

We absolutely guarantee that you’re going to LOVE this community of entreprenuers. If you don’t love it within 14 days of signing up, you can just let us know and we’ll send you your money back, no harm, no foul. That’s right. Just email and let us know why you want out, and we’ll cancel your membership immediately with no extra charge.So now, there’s nothing holding you back! Hopefully this promise frees you up to get involved with our platform and start building a better business today. We can’t wait to start supporting you as you build an incredible business. We hope to be throwing some parties to celebrate your achievements soon!

Finally… for the TL;DR people

This is a recap of everything you will have access to when you join us as a Premium member for just £49.99.1. Get monthly coaching sessions with our incredible, amazing Africa focused entrepreneurship coaches. You can engage in any of our 4 programs on a monthly basis and get the step-by-step plans and tools you need to build a better business today. These coaching sessions will take you from 0 to 100 in the best way possible.2. Join Bayo for an extra 8 hours every month for her “office hours” were she will answer any pressing questions you have about your business.3. Join the private premium members only group where you will get key tools, tips and tricks to help you build a better business today. You will also get sneak peeks of Bayo’s entrepreneurship research before it makes it into one of her programs!4. For those of us who would rather not read, enjoy the monthly webinar with a cup of tea and a notepad. Listen to Bayo as she discusses the key challenges some of our premium entrepreneurs are facing and shares some tips and ideas to develop a healthy, scalable and sustainable business. You ready?
Go Premium for just £49.99!I'm Ready To Get Started. Give Me My Access Now!