How to become a startup visionary

Every founder deserves a chance to change the world.  You can’t do that if you don’t have an incredible vision in mind.


Your vision is the world you will create with your business.


It’s the answer to the question, “what would the world look like if the problem your business is addressing never existed?”


That utopia is the vision you are aiming for as a founder.



Having a vision for your business is probably the most important personal stance you can take as a business owner.


You need something to aim for, something that is going to make you excited to tackle the issues that are going to come up every day.


Your vision is also incredibly useful when you are trying to get people to buy into what it is you’re creating.


People are much more optimistic than they like to think and a well crafted vision is just what they’re looking for to get them excited about the future that is to come.


The vision is also a great way to make sure your team remains energised.


When it comes to employees and team members, you all have to be shooting for the same thing otherwise you’re never going to achieve anything.


Having a clear vision statement will give you something to refer to when you think things are going askew.


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