How to create a community boosting event in 30 days

Events are a massive part of customer engagement.


If you’ve read our popular cheat sheet on attracting a retaining customers, you’ll know how important we think it is that you create a habit of running events.


Face-to-face events are great because they give you an opportunity to build relationships with your existing customers, and also help you gain referrals.


The advent of social media has meant that there are more ways than ever to meet online.


Unfortunately, that has led to the sacrifice of face-to-face meetings which is actually making it harder to convert individuals into customers particularly in the early stages of business.


If you can give your customers a safe space to learn, connect and collaborate, they’ll value your business for it, and will be much more likely to stay loyal to you in the future.


To that end, we’ve created this cheat sheet.


This cheat sheet will give you simple steps that you can implement easily and will help you boost your community engagement immediately.


Before you begin with this community boosting cheat sheet, there are a couple of things you should have already put in place in your business.


Firstly, you should already have a working schematic of your ideal customer. If you don’t have that, you can start here.


Secondly, this cheat sheet isn’t meant to be a start from scratch solution.


You should already know a solid group of ideal customers to send event invitations to.


If you don’t already have an email list you can send your invitations to you can start with this post that will help you build a list filled with your ideal customers.


Now that we know you have everything in place, click the link to get access to simple steps to create a community boosting event.


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