Do it Now Now is an Africa focused fundraising consultancy.

We provide research-based tactics to grow your community and raise funds.

Do it Now Now is about supporting great businesses that have an impact on African communities, now.

Our Job

We create the best possible opportunity for you to grow your business through fundraising.

We plug you into our Startups for Africa community and give you opportunities to learn from experts and consultants who know how to take you from 0 to 100 in the smartest way possible.


Africa needs entrepreneurship that works. We need entrepreneurs that will positively impact the development of Africa. We are in a position to help make that happen. So, we’re doing it, now.

We are passionate about the development of African entrepreneurs. We have created a space through which entrepreneurs can connect to individuals and organisations that can help them.

There are many ways to contribute to the development of local communities on the continent. We have chosen to support entrepreneurship. Through the businesses we support, jobs are being created, African suppliers are gaining clients and African people are gaining a better quality of life.

We focus on three broad areas

Development: we support businesses that prove to have a significant positive impact on the lives of people living in African communities. There are many avenues through which our startups can achieve this. These include economic empowerment and financial inclusion, the provision of health services or health promotion activities, education services, the encouragement of citizenship and democracy, and the production of sustainable energy.


Technology: the “tech for good” movement of recent years has given many of us, our founding team included, the opportunity to use our technical abilities to solve problems we would otherwise have limited resources to tackle. This area os interest includes any tech based or tech-enabled product that contributes to the development of African communities.


Retail: from food to clothing, if the business serves the positive development of social or cultural needs of African communities, we are likely to love it. We are continually encouraged by millennials creating Africa inspired products that not only capitalise on the culture but also contribute to the development of the communities that inspired them.