Be their expert



We’re working towards a strong and thriving African entrepreneurship eco system across the continent and in the diaspora.


For an ecosystem to survive, leaders are needed. People that are in the know and aren’t afraid to share their knowledge with other people.


That’s what we’re doing every day at Do It Now Now. We’re doing the work to get African entrepreneurs on and off the continent the information they need to grow their businesses, but we can’t achieve the vision alone. We want to form a strategic partnership, with you.


There are individuals among you who are willing to venture out and are willing to do the work. We want to have a conversation with you.


Lead Africa’s entrepreneurship revolution




Our vision for the Ambassador program is to empower a generation of entrepreneurship thought leaders that will lead and empower entrepreneurs across Africa and the diaspora.


Together, we’ll contribute to the creation of healthy, scalable and sustainable businesses that not only make a profit but create jobs, well-paying jobs all over Africa.


As a Do It Now Now ambassador you’ll represent us at events across the continent and the diaspora.


We work with communities that share our passion to provide business training that will boost the growth of their entrepreneurs.


We’ve created a training program that gives you all you need to pull off a fantastic event speech. You’ll learn everything there is to know about our training programs so that you can deliver the training on your own.


We’ll hook up with speaking engagements or you can use our name and our training program to get speaking engagements for yourself.


We’ll work with you to promote the event, your profile and give you all you need to make a name for yourself in this entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Lead the charge and set the pace.




Well other than access to our network of entrepreneurship communities that you can connect with and use to raise your profile, you’ll also get:


  • Our training courses will give you all you need to build on the courses we’ve created and make them fit your expertise and personality.


  • One-on-one coaching sessions each month, will help you build your personal brand and give you the direction you need to create your own programs and courses in the future.


  • Extensive promotion of your profile across all of our social media channels and press partners will help you get your face, name, profile and expertise out.


Are you ready to take advantage of the opportunities and training we have available for you? Are you ready to build your personal brand, get your name out there and become a leader in this ecosystem? Are you ready to get the experience you need to build your own programs and courses?


If you’re ready to become one of the chosen few, fill in the form and get started on the journey.


We’ll get you where you need to go.