Help the entrepreneurs in your community grow their businesses.

get link We’ve worked with over 1200 entrepreneurs on the continent and in the diaspora, coaching them through the most difficult challenges in the entrepreneurship careers.

follow site Our highly successful courses in branding, marketing, fundraising, team building, idea development and much more, have helped our clients create jobs, expand their operations and increase their market share.

You're invited... This is a personal invitation to take your community to the next level of their entrepreneurship journey. We’ve done the research, we’ve built the courses and now we’re inviting you to join us on the journey.

watch We developed the Build Better masterclasses to give entrepreneurs access to essential in-person business training.

best place to buy Viagra in Arlington Texas The courses are designed to teach best business practices that can be utilised in any 21st century African business, and in any stage of business from idea stage to series A funding.

rencontre femme celibataire en ligne Most importantly, the courses are entirely sector agnostic. We focus on giving entrepreneurs the skills they need to build their business management and leadership skills.

site de rencontre et chat algerien Taking part in a Build Better Masterclass is about giving entrepreneurs the tools they need to ramp up their productivity, maximise their business agility, make useful connections and implement immediate changes that will revolutionise the effectiveness of their business strategies.  

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What does the program cover?

source link We want the Masterclasses to be suited to your community, so we have 5 sessions ready to go. Pick a session that reflects the need in your community and let’s get things moving in the right direction.

How to fail fast and pivot faster.

follow In this session, entrepreneurs will learn how to get the best out of their failed business plans and learn to apply those lessons in their venture. We’ll take lessons from world renowned entrepreneurs like Tom Chi and learn to apply the practices that make Google’s engineers so successful.

How to build the team that will take you to the top.

binary option auto trading robot Its one thing for entrepreneurs to build a business on their own, but they can’t expand alone. We’ll teach them how to get the best employees on their teams, and how to keep those employed energised and motivated about their work.

How to pitch no foul balls.

Most entrepreneurs, and all investors, know that there’s an art to pitching a business. We’ve broken it down into simple and effective steps that will help entrepreneurs raise their fundraising capacity. They’ll learn how to develop pitches for different audiences, from the press to venture capitalists. Plus, they’ll get the opportunity to pitch their business to the other attendees, in what is often the most popular session of the day.

How to find and win over your business tribe.

Entrepreneurs need a strong community of believers for their businesses to keep going strong. We’ll give them the strategies they need to identify those believers and get them to join their business tribe. From social media followers to email subscribers we’ll teach them how to grow a community of invested customers.

How to put your passion into action.

We know that entrepreneurs sometimes find it difficult to move from the dreaming phase to the doing phase of their entrepreneurship journey. This session will kick start their business development and expansion and get things moving immediately. They’ll learn how to become more productive and more focused than ever before.

Who is it for?

Our courses are designed to equip and empower entrepreneurs at every stage of the entrepreneurship journey. From, I think I have a good business idea, to I’m ready to raise a million pounds for it.

In demographic terms, our masterclasses often exhibit a 60/40 gender split with the male gender taking the majority. Our typical age group is between 21 and 30 and the majority of our attendees are not full-time on their business and on average, have been running their business for 2 years.

After the masterclass, our follow up has shown that entrepreneurs feel empowered and equipped by the teaching they received and within 6 months of the masterclass have moved 2 stages further in their business in regard to at least one of the topics we focus on. Some entrepreneurs hire their first member of staff, raise funding for their business, or experience the benefits of winning over their tribe, when they see increased sales.


Our mission is to make each build better masterclass the most impactful day of your community's entrepreneurship journey.

We’ve been running masterclasses for a while and each time, we are thrilled with how well received they are! Here is some of the feedback we’ve gotten…

But, opportunities are limited...

We prize quality over quantity. We want the entrepreneurs we work with to get the best support possible. That means we can’t work with every community that invites us.

We only work with communities that have a strong team, and share our passion for Africa, and our entrepreneurial ideals. That means, we work with people who truly care about the development of the individual entrepreneurs in their community.

This isn't just for them, its for you too.

The Build Better Masterclass will be a milestone in your community. Not just for your members, but for your team as well.

We LOVE communities that support their entrepreneurs, so we’ve put together a pre-masterclass session just for your team. In this session, you’ll learn…

A community’s brand is its trading currency. Your team represents your brand and for your representation to be effective, you need to have a brand message that perfectly articulates your vision and mission. Is your team “on message”? Do you even have a message?
This sessions will help you identify what works for your community identity when it comes to reaching out to new pockets of society.
For communities this is a two-sided coin. You have to retain your community members, and you have to retain your community team. We’ll evaluate your current retention strategies and give you handy strategies to increase your retention.

We’ve done our part. We’ve created the programs, we’ve put the processes in place, all we need is you. Do you want to get involved in the future we see?