I’m not here to be your YES man.



Do it Now Now coach manifesto


Don’t expect quick fixes and bandages over bullet wounds.


You’re going to get everything you need to fix the root of the problem, one step at a time.


I’m not here to make you feel good or congratulate you on your progress so far.


I’m here to help you see your business for what it really is. I’m going to help you fix all the hairline fractures that are compromising the structural integrity of your business.


We’re going back to the bedrock of everything you’re creating. If you are the problem with your business, I’m going to tell you.


The best advice I can give you before you get Premium is, don’t bother getting Premium if you don’t actually want to grow your business.


Don’t get Premium if you’re resistant to change.


Don’t get premium if you’re going to ignore my advice. Save me the time and save yourself the money.


This is all confidential. No one will ever know what we’re working on, or even that we work together to help you build a better business.




Do the work, and you’ll get results.