How to create an ideal customer profile

Have you ever skipped a step on a staircase?


You may have been texting on your phone, talking to someone or just generally distracted.


When you skip a step on a staircase, no matter how smart, funny, interesting or cool you are, no matter what stage you are in your business, whether you’ve only just started or you’re years down the line, the result is always the same.


You’ll fall and you’ll fall hard.


Most startups skip the same step. Over and over, I have the same conversation with my various clients.


Its usually in the very first coaching session where my clients let me know what they’re trying to achieve and what their pain points are.


It always comes down to one simple thing.


They haven’t taken the time to develop a proper working schematic of their ideal customer.


We put together a workbook to help you create a detailed schematic that will help you understand identify and your ideal customer in just 30 days.



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