Meet Our Head Coach

Bayo Adelaja is passionate about two things, social entrepreneurship and African communities.


Putting her “passion into action”, has led her to dedicate her time to empowering entrepreneurs to build healthy, scalable and sustainable businesses that contribute to the development of Africa. 


Having successfully run a number businesses, each gaining attention and accolades in their own right, Bayo makes building businesses easy and understandable.


She works exclusively with entrepreneurs focused on creating opportunities for growth in Africa and the diaspora. She particularly focuses her efforts on entrepreneurs who are ready to “build a better business, today”.


Read Bayo’s “sob” story here.


Through the power of business coaching, Bayo equips and empowers business men and women to accept the problem and develop a suitable solution.

This is most effectively experienced during the Live “Build Better” Masterclasses she hosts in different cities on the continent and in the diaspora, or even more so through a one-on-one session with her.


With more young Africans living today than any other time in history, there is more opportunity than ever for entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be.


Read Bayo’s op-ed on the vision for Do it Now Now here.


By harnessing the “power of youth” we can build businesses that not only draw from the experiences of the generation before us, but build on their successes and failures with the added advantage of technology.


After 16 years in the UK, during which time Bayo studied at Durham University and the London School of Economics (earning her 3 advanced degrees), Bayo now lives in Abuja, Nigeria with her family where she enjoys contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country’s capital.

Do you want Bayo to coach you one-on-one every month?

Bayo, our head coach, designed our Premium program to help your business grow.


The four key areas of her program are marketing, branding, idea expansion and fundraising. every possible problem in your business falls under one of these four categories.


Together, you and Bayo will build a program designed for you and your business needs.



Every month, Bayo will hold you accountable to your business goals after she’s helped you set the right goals for the business you have envisioned



Together, you’ll work hard to make sure that your business grows every single day. 


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