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citas de mujeres hombres y viceversa Session 1 – the non-negotiable starting point.


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source site Note that the first session is compulsory. If you don’t have a good grasp of the mission and vision of your company, everything else we work on with you will turn to rubbish in time. When we’ve done the work to nail down the mission and vision, we can get to work on the rest of the holes and gaps in your business with the mission and vision as a strong reference point.


binära optioner farligt After your first session, we’ll recommend a course of action, but ultimately, you’re in charge of the course. You pick and choose what you want to do and at what stage you want to do it.


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The Idea Stage

This is the part where you have a vague idea of what you want to do. You know the industry and you have a hunch about what the best solution to the problem you’ve identified might be. 

In this session, we’ll help you think around the mission and vision of your company and determine how far the idea you are putting forward meets the goals you have for your company. We will have a look at your competition and the market as well as your skills and network to help you decide where you are best positioned to achieve the mission and contribute to the fruition of the vision.
This session marks the start a month of work on discovering the personal story that links you to the problem that you are trying to solve. The point of a “sob” story is the exploration of your business origin, and the content it provides for your customers who are actively seeking for something more to connect themselves with you. Not every customer needs a “sob” story, but if your business relies on your personal brand, or is a social enterprise with the social mission at the centre of your operations, you are going to have to explain to your people why you care so much about your industry. This is a core part of your brand story, so get to it.
There is more to networking than handing out your business card and hoping for the best. We’ll help you discover new strategies to up your conversion rate and build a network that reflects your needs and helps you build your business.

The Pilot Stage

This is the part where you have a solid idea and you’re beginning to shop it around to the people that could end up being your loyal customers. 

In this session we will begin a month of work that will help you flesh out the details of your product or service, and help you begin the key steps you need to realise the potential of your business. This is about market research, competitor analysis and your ideal customer. Your unique selling point is going to be the thing you put ahead of everything else when you begin selling your business to your customers. This session will set you in the right direction.
If you’re trying to build your personal brand, and working for your industry to recognise you as an expert, then this is the right session for you. Well help you identify the right communities that share the attention of your ideal customers and help you come up with a strategy that makes your personal brand irresistible to them and their members.
This is about helping you the demographic make up of your market. This topic is for entrepreneurs that are trying to figure out their market size, market access and how their product or service fits into the geographical area they have chosen to focus on. This is particularly useful for entrepreneurs who need a little help understanding the numbers and how those numbers matter to their business. We’ll help you begin building a marketing strategy that puts your new found demographic understanding to work.
This is about permanent skill building. Market research is something you are going to have to learn to do to keep your business relevant to your customers. If you can’t do your own market research you’re going to fade into nothing soon enough. We don’t want that, so we’re going to help you build in processes into your business that help you innovate and accelerate in the right direction every single time.
This session is the beginning a month of work on the development of an ideal customer profile that will help you build the strength of your business customer acquisition, sales, advertising and marketing strategies. this session is right for you is you are thinking about boosting your social media presence, trying to get more customers and trying to design your product, revenue model or anything else fundamental to your business. If you don’t have an ideal customer profile, you have nothing that going to stand the test of time. 

The Minimum Viable Product Stage

This is the part where you’re ready to launch the first iteration of your product or service. You need to test whether or not it works. 

In a post Kim Kardashian world, you have to make yourself available to be valued by your customers. We’ll help you figure out the best way you can make that happen in a way that suits your customers, and more importantly, you. We’ll help you create an action plan that you can carry out that will give you the connection you need to get your customers connected to you and buying 5 copies of your album – we call it the T.Swift method.
This session forms the basis of a month of work in which you will come to terms with your key words and phrases as well as your key emotions and energies. Its not a hipster as it sounds. when you’re communicating across a number of different areas, platforms, services, etc., you want to give your customers a sense of unity and brand cohesiveness. that’s why you do the work to build your business language so that no matter what medium your customers see you in, you always “sound” the same.
This is about positioning your company to be able to make the most of the roads your competition has paved ahead of you. We’ll help you discover new ways you can build your business by taking advantage of press, partnerships, relationships and brand power your competitors have worked hard to gain.
This session will probably require the most back and forth between you and your coach. Every few days, you’re going to create a new business model that solves the problem you are addressing with your business. then we’re going to kick the tyres and expose the gaps. For a whole month you’re going to work to get your idea through its pilot phase and into the MVP stage. Its a lot of work, but we’re here to help you through.
We will help you orchestrate the layout, user experience and content of your website. You will deep dive into your website presence and engineer everything for sales and customer retention. As well as the general look and feel, together we’ll work on specific pages including your About page, your home page and your services/products page.

The Marketplace Stage

This is the part where you know your product or service works. You are now ready to take it beyond your personal networks and referrals from your personal network. 

In this session, we will begin working with you to get your business in front of the people that are going to help it move on to the next level. Whether that is primary, secondary, tertiary or the wider world, we will help you build  strategies that boost your brand awareness, and help you attract customers that will be loyal to your business.
We will help you build strategies that focus entirely on the way you use graphics across your social media channels. This is heavily based on market research, competitor analysis, customer feedback and colour psychology. If you think social media is easy, no.
We’ll work on building your brand power and establishing useful connections that will help you achieve better brand visibility and influence. We’ll help you identify potential strategic partners and help you package your business so that you are putting your best foot forward in all your partnership negotiations. We’ll also help you get to grips with key negotiation techniques that will keep you benefitting from your partnerships.

The Rocket Launch Stage

This is the part where you are beyond the scope of your primary, secondary or tertiary networks, and you are ready to take your business into stranger territory.

We will help you review every aspect of your business to determine whether or not it is able to scale according to the plans you have set out in your vision. We will work with you to identify the gaps and create an action plan that will help you fix those holes and move your business forward.
This is for people that have a budget to spend. This is for businesses that have been around for  a while and are ready to accelerate their growth. We will help you develop an advertising strategy that fits in with your ideal customers, your budget and your abilities. Our executive clients use this is an opportunity to decide what they want before they hire an advertising exec to make it happen. Remember, we’re coaches, so we don’t do the work for you, we help you realise what you need to do.
In this session, we’ll help you figure out where the gaps are in your leaderships tactics and learn new ways you can boost your leadership skills and build a winning team. Leadership is about leading others and leading yourself. In this month, we’re going to work on both of those things and you’ll come out of it ready to take charge and succeed in your business.
At this level, you are looking at how the gaps in your logistics and operations are hindering your ability to scale your business exponentially. We will help you determine processes you can implement in your business to move you into the next level.
If you’re ready to rocket launch your business out of your primary, secondary and tertiary circles of influence and into the wide world, then we can help you use social media to get your services and products out there into the ether. Be prepared with everything you need to make sure you can handle the influx of customers. We’ll help you create campaigns that attract your ideal customers and begin them on the journey to being loyal to you.

The Scale Stage

This is the part where you know your product or service works and you can now expand into different geographical locations, or take on a larger percentage of the market share in your industry.

Your revenue model may be the reason you’re not making any money. We will help you determine the needs of your customers when it comes to your revenue model and your pricing strategy. By the end of this month of work, you will know exactly what you need to do to take advantage of the gaps in your market, without alienating your customers.
This session will mark the beginning of a month of work to help you determine what the best options for you are when it comes to fundraising. We will consider everything from grants, angels, VCs, loans, accelerators and bootstrapping in relation to your specific business goals and the future you see for your creation.
Your key team are important to the development of your business and will mark it for the rest of its existence, so it is really important that you take this seriously. We’ll work with you to design a staff acquisition strategy that will help you target the best hires to get them working for your company and loving it. 
This is about creating presentations for the press, for investors and for potential partners. We will work with yo to create 3 versions of your product or service that will lean in the right direction for the three critical audiences you need to use to get your business the type of attention it needs to scale beyond your tertiary network.



Do the work, and you’ll get results.