We need your voice in the conversation.


So much needs to be said and done for the entrepreneurial revolution in Africa to take place. For our vision of the continent to come to be, every singe person needs to stand up and take up their position.


We’ve chosen to do that by providing resources to individuals who are just as passionate about Africa as we are.


We primarily provide 3 types of resources. Train to Run, Run to Win and Win in Africa. There are sub categories in each type.





These resources help address the key pitfalls entrepreneurs face along their journey.


Most entrepreneurs fail because they have no idea how to sustain the life of an entrepreneur, how to adapt to an ever changing startup ecosystem and how to ensure that their going for the right things and setting the right goals.


These posts take our entrepreneurs back to the very beginning and give them the know-how they need to last a lifetime.


A great example is how to set the right milestones for your business.


Do you want to help our entrepreneurs learn skills like time management, productivity, goal setting, communication skills and so on? Then these articles are a great step to becoming an authority on founder resilience.




Our Run to Win guides provide in-depth analysis of strategies and show how different aspects of business should be organised, developed and implemented to gain maximum results. They also deliver case studies for our entrepreneurs.


A great example is 4 easy strategies to get you more email subscribers.


We’ve created a learning community. One that values information, data and examples of success and failure.


We don’t celebrate success for the sake of it. We discover and discuss exactly how that success came to be. What strategies were used, what barriers were faced.


We’re analysing the African entrepreneurship space on the continent and the diaspora, dissecting it and learning from its highs and lows for the benefit of the movers and shakers of the future that are yet to act or are acting right now.


Do you want to be part of the entrepreneurial revolution in Africa?


Write for us. Move the needle. Guide the conversation.


This is not just writing. This is impact making. This is purpose driven information sharing.


If you’re down to get with the winning team, fill in the form and help us get to know you.





Our country specific guides are integral to the achievement of the vision of Do it Now Now. Seriously, read Bayo’s op-ed on the vision.


We’ve decided to do everything we can to make it possible for anyone that shares our passion for Africa to make a positive different on the continent.


Do you have the data, are you a skilled writer, are you on the ground and aware of the real barriers and the solutions that are working? Do you have access to founders creating innovative pathways on the ground?


We need your input.


We need you. We learned a very long time ago that no one can make a difference on their own. We need you to join us on this journey.


Every single one of us has something to bring to the table.


PLUS, you can put it on your CV, link it in your LinkedIn and post it on your Facebook or blast it on your Myspace (if anyone still has that).


We need you.





  • We’ll give you the support you need to become a thought leader in this space.
  • We’ll promote your work across our social media platforms (and tag you).
  • We’ll put your bio and links at the bottom of the articles you write.
  • Need a reference/testimonial from us? No worries. It’s a done deal.